Inhale Confidence Exhale Doubt T-shirt

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Color: White

Size: S

Unleash the Power of Words with the 'INHALE CONFIDENCE exhale doubt T-shirt':

Celebrate fearless femininity with our 'INHALE CONFIDENCE exhale doubt T-shirt' from the 'Voices & Visions Collection'. Crafted to inspire and empower, this tee features a motivating quote that encourages confidence and the release of self-doubt. Made from high-quality materials, this t-shirt ensures comfort and durability, perfect for daily wear. Each piece is a statement of strength and self-expression, designed for women who are proud to show their true selves to the world.

Where to Wear and How to Wear:

Occasion Style Tips
Casual Outings Pair your quote tee with jeans and sneakers for a relaxed, everyday look.
Empowerment Events Combine your tee with statement accessories to make a bold statement at empowerment events.
Social Gatherings Wear under a blazer or jacket to add a fun and unique touch to a smart-casual ensemble.
Study Sessions Match with comfy leggings or joggers for a stylish yet comfortable study outfit.
Streetwear Fashion Layer with a hoodie, cargo pants, and chunky sneakers for an urban, edgy look.

Premium Quality and Engaging Designs:

Feature Description
Exquisite Preshrunk Jersey Knit Enjoy lasting comfort and fit with our tees, made from high-quality fabric that's pre-shrunk to maintain a consistent fit over time.
Flattering Fitted Silhouette Tailored with a side seam, our t-shirts offer a fitted silhouette that combines style and comfort seamlessly.
High-Resolution Print Surface The high stitch density ensures a smooth surface, perfect for our detailed and vibrant quote designs, bringing each word to life with clarity.
Seamless Comfort and Durability Our t-shirts feature a seamless double-needle 1.3 cm collar, taped neck, and shoulders, offering both comfort and lasting wear.
Personalizable Labeling With a tear-away label and a double-satin label, our t-shirts are designed for maximum comfort and personalization.
Robust Double-Needle Hems The double-needle sleeve and bottom hems enhance the durability of our t-shirts, ensuring they stay a part of your wardrobe for longer.

Size Guide:

Size Length (cm) Half Chest (cm) Length (inches) Half Chest (inches)
S 64 41 25 ¼ 16.14
M 67 43 26 ⅜ 16.93
L 69 47 27 ⅛ 18.50
XL 71 50 28 19.69
2XL 72 56 28 ⅓ 22.05

Care Instructions: To keep your 'INHALE CONFIDENCE exhale doubt T-shirt' in perfect condition, follow these care instructions:

  • Wash: Machine wash warm, inside out, with similar colors.
  • Tumble Dry: Opt for a low setting.
  • Bleach: Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed.
  • Dry Clean: Avoid dry cleaning to maintain the integrity of the print.
  • Iron: Do not iron the print area.

Our 'INHALE CONFIDENCE exhale doubt T-shirt' is part of the 'Voices & Visions Collection', a curated selection celebrating creativity and individuality. Each tee in this collection is a canvas showcasing beloved quotes and themes designed to inspire and uplift. Wear your 'INHALE CONFIDENCE exhale doubt T-shirt' with pride and join a community of individuals who embrace their love for bold and meaningful expressions in style!

Effortlessly Empowering:

Denim Delights:
Denim is a timeless classic that provides a canvas for your message.

Light and Confident: Opt for light wash skinny jeans or a denim skirt for a casual and confident vibe. Finish the look with white sneakers or sandals for a touch of effortless style.

Relaxed and Bold: Choose a relaxed-fit boyfriend jean or a distressed denim jacket for a more laid-back yet impactful look. Complete the outfit with sneakers or boots for added edge.

Leggings & Lounging (With a Message):
Stay comfortable and make a statement with leggings and your Voices & Visions tee.

Solid Color Comfort: Pair your tee with solid-colored leggings in black, grey, or navy for a simple and bold look. Add a pop of color with sneakers or a statement necklace.

Printed Personality: Choose patterned leggings that complement your tee's message or theme. For example, pair a tee with a quote about nature with floral leggings.

Flirty & Inspiring:

Skirt the Statement: Channel your inner voice with a cute mini skirt or a flowy midi skirt.

Fierce and Feminine: Pair a graphic tee with a bold message with a black mini skirt and ankle boots for a fierce and feminine look. Add a leather jacket for extra attitude.
Playful and Uplifting: Opt for a tee with a colorful or inspirational quote with a flowy floral midi skirt and sandals for a playful and uplifting look.

Dress It Up (A Touch of Sophistication):
Don't be afraid to layer your regular-fit tee for a more sophisticated look.

Over a Slip Dress:
Wear your Voices & Visions tee over a simple slip dress in a contrasting color. This unexpected combination creates a playful and inspiring look with a touch of mystery.

Under a Blazer:
Layer your tee under a blazer for a polished and powerful look. Choose a blazer color that complements your tee's graphic or message.

Bonus Tip! Accessorize with Voice:

Jewellery with Meaning:
Showcase your values and interests with jewelry that reflects your tee's message. Look for necklaces with inspirational quotes, bracelets with feminist symbols, or earrings that represent the theme of your graphic.

Hats & Bags with Personality:
Top off your look with a hat that reflects your personality. A beret adds a touch of artistic flair, while a baseball cap with a slogan can reinforce your message. Choose a bag (crossbody, tote, or backpack) with a design or message that complements your tee.

Hairstyles & Makeup (Optional, But Fun):

Hairstyles with Expression:

Experiment with hairstyles that showcase your personality. Try a braid with colorful ribbons, a high ponytail with a statement scrunchie, or loose waves with a headband featuring an inspiring quote.

Makeup to Match Your Mood:
Makeup is a great way to express yourself. Go for a bold eye look with vibrant colors if your tee features a powerful message, or keep it simple with a touch of mascara and lip gloss for a more effortless look.

Pro Tip! Layer Magic: Layering adds depth and dimension to your outfit. Throw on a denim jacket, a kimono with a floral print, or a long cardigan over your tee for a stylish and versatile look. You can also layer a tank top or a long-sleeved tee underneath your Voices & Visions tee for a unique and personalized effect.

Hearts & Hues Tee: Fabric Love Guide
Keep your tee vibrant and ready to spread love with these easy-peasy Fabric Love tips!

Wash Cycle:

Turn your tee inside out and join forces with similar colored warriors (clothes) for a gentle machine wash in warm water.
Drying Do's & Don'ts: ☀️

Embrace the low tumble dry setting for a gentle post-wash fluff.
Skip the high heat; it might make your tee shrink, and we don't want that!
Brightening Up: ✨

If your tee needs a little refresh, stick to non-chlorine bleach only. Regular bleach can be a bit too harsh for your favorite graphic.
Dry Cleaning: ❌

Dry cleaning might be tempting, but it's best to avoid it for these tees. It can affect the print quality.
Ironing: ‍♀️

Steer clear of ironing directly over the printed area. If needed, use a low heat setting and iron on the reverse side.
Bonus Tip!

For an extra dose of love, consider washing your tee in a delicates bag. It provides added protection for the fabric and print.

With a little Fabric Love, your Hearts & Hues tee will stay looking fabulous for adventures to come!

Glam Up Tips for Voices & Visions

Bold and Artistic 🎨✨
Eyes: Vibrant eyeshadows in shades of electric blue, neon green, and vivid purple. Add a touch of glitter or metallic shimmer on the lids for an artistic flair. 🌈👁️
Lips: Bold red or deep plum lipstick for a dramatic statement. 💄🍷
Face: Full coverage foundation with contouring to define features. Highlight the cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow for a sculpted look. 🌟👃

Casual Creative 🌟🌼
Eyes: Soft, neutral eyeshadows in shades of beige and taupe. Use a touch of shimmer for brightness and waterproof mascara for definition. 👁️✨
Lips: Soft pink or nude lip gloss for a fresh, natural look. 💄🌷
Face: BB cream with SPF for a light, natural finish. Add bronzer for a healthy, sun-kissed glow. 🌞🍂

Festival Fantasy 🎪🌿
Eyes: Bright, playful eyeshadows in shades of pink, purple, and blue. Add glitter or holographic shimmer for extra fun. 🌈✨
Lips: Bright pink or cherry red lip tint for a lively look. 💄🍒
Face: Light foundation with a natural finish. Use highlighter on the cheekbones and nose for an extra glow. 🌟🌸

Mystical Evening 🌙🔮
Eyes: Deep, smoky eyeshadows in shades of navy, charcoal, and black. Add metallic shimmer for a mystical effect. 🌑✨
Lips: Dark plum or classic red lipstick for a sophisticated, enigmatic look. 💄🍇
Face: Medium to full coverage foundation with contouring and highlighting. Emphasize the high points of the face for a sculpted finish. 🌟👃

Daydreamer Look ☀️🌼
Eyes: Soft pastel eyeshadows in shades of lavender, mint, and peach. Use a light brown eyeliner for a dreamy, gentle look. 🌸✨
Lips: Light coral or peach lip gloss for a fresh, summery look. 💄🍑
Face: Tinted moisturizer with SPF for a natural finish. Add blush for a healthy, radiant glow. 🌞🍃

Evening Elegance 🌜💎
Eyes: Shimmery eyeshadows in shades of bronze, gold, and deep brown. Use bold eyeliner and volumizing mascara for dramatic eyes. 🌟👁️
Lips: Deep berry or classic red lipstick for a sophisticated, glamorous look. 💄🍇
Face: Medium to full coverage foundation with highlighting on the high points of the face. Use blush for a rosy glow. 🌞🌸

Brunch with Friends 🍳🌸
Eyes: Light, neutral eyeshadows with a touch of gold shimmer. Use mascara to enhance the lashes. 👁️✨
Lips: Light pink or peach lip tint for a fresh, brunch-ready look. 💄🍑
Face: Tinted moisturizer with SPF for a natural finish. Add blush for a healthy, radiant glow. 🌞🌸

Art Show Allure 🖼️🎨
Eyes: Bold, creative eyeshadows in shades of teal, magenta, and gold. Use artistic eyeliner designs for a unique look. 🎨👁️
Lips: Statement lipstick in shades of orange or fuchsia for an artistic touch. 💄🌺
Face: Full coverage foundation with dramatic contouring and highlighting. Emphasize the cheekbones and nose for an artistic finish. 🌟👃

Size: S
Length (cm): 64
Half Chest (cm): 41
Length (inches): 25 ¼
Half Chest (inches): 16.14

Size: M
Length (cm): 67
Half Chest (cm): 43
Length (inches): 26 ⅜
Half Chest (inches): 16.93

Size: L
Length (cm): 69
Half Chest (cm): 47
Length (inches): 27 ⅛
Half Chest (inches): 18.50

Size: XL
Length (cm): 71
Half Chest (cm): 50
Length (inches): 28
Half Chest (inches): 19.69

Size: 2XL
Length (cm): 72
Half Chest (cm): 56
Length (inches): 28 ⅓
Half Chest (inches): 22.05

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