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Color: C

Elevate your style effortlessly with our Tattoo Stickers, offering a fusion of creativity and convenience. Crafted with high-quality materials and available in a range of captivating colors, these tattoos allow you to express your unique style without the commitment of permanent ink. Follow our easy application instructions for a flawless look that lasts, ensuring you remember to remove the transparent film before placing the tattoo, fully wetting the paper, and pressing it by hand. With the added benefit of extended maintenance time, you have the freedom to perfect your temporary masterpiece.

Product Features:

  1. High-Quality Expression: Our Tattoo Stickers are synonymous with high quality, offering a collection of stunning and realistic designs that capture artistry and attention to detail.

  2. Waterproof Durability: These tattoos are waterproof, ensuring your style remains impeccable even in wet conditions.

  3. No Repeats: Say goodbye to duplicates. Each tattoo is unique, providing you with a diverse selection of designs to choose from.

  4. Easy Application: Follow our straightforward instructions for a seamless application process, ensuring you achieve a professional and polished look.

Application Instructions:

  • Step 1: Remember to remove the transparent film before placing the tattoo on your desired skin area.

  • Step 2: Wet the back of the tattoo sheet thoroughly to ensure full adhesion.

  • Step 3: After wetting the paper, press it by hand for a stronger bond.

  • Step 4: Avoid touching water or the tattooed area for the first 2 hours after application to extend the maintenance time.

Color Options:

  • A=01
  • B=03
  • C=04
  • E=07
  • F=08

Experience the freedom to experiment with colors, styles, and designs while maintaining the convenience of temporary tattoos. Be the person you've always dreamed of being, all without the commitment of permanent ink.

Don't miss the opportunity to adorn yourself with these exceptional creations. Order your Tattoo Stickers today and step into a world of self-expression and artistic freedom!