Baroque Portrait: Pearl Triple Layer Necklace

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Color: Gold

Introducing the Baroque Portrait: Pearl Triple Layer Necklace, a masterclass in the elegance of long necklaces fashion jewelry. This exquisite piece, featuring environmental alloy and artificial pearls, is a tribute to timeless style and the essence of necklace in fashion. The golden hue, reminiscent of the opulent Baroque era, brings a touch of classic sophistication to any ensemble. With its triple-layer design, this fashion necklace is not just an accessory; it's a statement of luxury and finesse.

The Baroque Portrait necklace effortlessly combines the charm of artificial pearls with the durability of environmental alloy, making it a sustainable choice for the fashion-conscious. Its dimensions are thoughtfully designed to add a layered elegance to your neckline, while the weight ensures it drapes beautifully without compromising on comfort. This pendant is not just jewelry; it's a celebration of the intricate designs and opulence of the Baroque period, making it a must-have for those who admire the fusion of historical grandeur and contemporary fashion.

Product Features

Feature Description
Material Environmental Alloy, Artificial Pearl - Sustainable and elegantly crafted.
Color Golden - Adds a luxurious touch to any outfit.
Dimensions 30+10 cm - Perfectly layered for a statement look.
Weight Approx. 41.6 g - Substantial yet comfortable for extended wear.
Design Inspiration Baroque era - Reflects opulence and timeless elegance.
Style Pearl Triple Layer - Sophisticated and fashion-forward.


Add a touch of sophistication to your look with this beautifully designed item from our Fashion Necklaces Collection. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or adding flair to your daily wear, our necklaces are perfect for making any outfit shine. Browse the entire collection for a variety of styles that cater to your fashion needs

Elegant and versatile, our Necklace Nook offers a range of necklaces that suit any style.
Features a variety of designs from delicate chains to bold statement pieces.

Where to Wear -
Formal Events: Perfect for weddings, galas, and evening parties. <br> -
Casual Outings: Ideal for brunch, shopping, or casual gatherings. <br> -
Everyday Wear: Suitable for adding a stylish touch to daily outfits.

How to Wear -
Layering Look: Pair multiple delicate chains for a trendy layered effect.
Statement Look: Style a bold necklace with a simple outfit to make it stand out.
Classic Look: Wear a single elegant piece with a dress or blouse for timeless elegance.

Seasonal Advice -
Summer: Opt for lightweight, colourful designs that complement summer attire.
Winter: Choose chunky, bold pieces that enhance winter layers.
Spring/Fall: Pair with transitional outfits, using both delicate and bold designs to match the season.

Expert Tips
Coordinate Jewellery: Match with our range of earrings and bracelets for a cohesive look.
Neckline Matching: Choose necklace lengths and styles that complement your neckline.

Fit & Comfort:
Ensure the necklace is the right length and comfortable for extended wear.

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