Al Haramain Amber Oud Tobacco Edition EDP 60ML

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Product Description

Dive into the opulent essence of the Middle East with Al Haramain Amber Oud Tobacco Edition, a quintessential Arabic perfume for women and men. This exquisite fragrance, launched in 2019, encapsulates the rich heritage and luxury of AL Haramain Perfume, offering a sensory journey like no other. Embodying the warmth and mystique of arab perfume, it's a masterpiece crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

The aroma opens with a captivating blend of tobacco leaf, infused with the spicy sweetness of cinnamon, the sharpness of black pepper, and the zest of ginger. This introduction sets the stage for a heart of sultry vanilla and cloves, complemented by the exotic flair of star anise, the richness of cacao, the creaminess of tonka bean, and the spiritual essence of incense. The base notes of tobacco, intertwined with dried fruits and woodsy notes, provide a lingering warmth and depth, making it a memorable arabic perfume for women and men alike.

Incorporating synonyms such as "Middle Eastern scent" and "luxury fragrance," this Amber Spicy fragrance is not just a perfume but an experience, designed to transport you to a world of sophistication and allure. The Al Haramain Perfume, with its rich blend of ingredients, stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence and tradition in crafting the finest arab perfumes.

Product Features

Feature Description
Volume 60ml EDP
Fragrance Type Amber Spicy
Gender Unisex
Top Notes Tobacco Leaf, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger
Middle Notes Vanilla, Cloves, Star Anise, Cacao, Tonka Bean, Incense
Base Notes Tobacco, Dried Fruits, Woodsy Notes
Launch Year 2019
Brand Al Haramain Perfumes
Signature Scent A luxurious blend of warmth and mystique, ideal for lovers of rich, Middle Eastern scent profiles.